Wednesday, October 21, 2009

In the weeds

Part of my garden, before the frost

Time flies, especially when I'm trying to write for this blog on a regular basis. It's been a month since my last post, and I've been caught up in too many other matters to turn my attention here. I want to change that, because this blog is a priority, as is keeping current and finding new bloggers who're also writing about end of life care.

A substantial chunk of my recent writing energy went into completing the third assignment for my class on information systems in healthcare. Sure, it's not a huge paper by any standards - but most of my time was spent on trimming it down. I find that cutting words and focusing a theme is harder than trying to say lots about more.

I've also been working with my daughter, who graduated from art school and is trying to put together some ways to earn some money doing what she loves. I'll post a link to her site when it's ready.

I'll be joining some colleagues on Thursday to participate in one of the introductory ELNEC modules. There are 30 nurses from all areas of the hospital who've signed up for the 3-session, 9-module course, and I've been asked to help answer a question that often arises, namely, "What can we do to involve our colleagues and improve end of life care on our own unit?"

I'll be conducting the module on ethical/legal issues during the final session in early November, and will also post the materials and notes here at that time.

This is the hospital-wide ELNEC course, and not the ELNEC course and team building program that'll take place on the neurosciences ICU where I work. Three colleagues have so far stepped forward to join that effort, and there are three others that want to talk with me about it more. I expect to formally start the program right after the holidays with 6-8 members.

Finally, I just want to mention the excellent Palliative Care Grand Rounds hosted earlier this month by the bloggers at GeriPal. This series has been a great opportunity to catch up with, or learn about, the many fine bloggers who're working in and writing about palliative care and end of life matters.

I particularly want to recommend the series, 'A Matter of Life and Death,' at Flyp, an interactive online magazine, that was highlighted at GeriPal. Flyp uses multiple media to tell the stories. It's a great example of what's possible out here on the innertoobz. Check it out.