Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Filling in the time

I've made several false starts in writing about my presentation to the NICs in April. I'd hoped to build a series of posts around the various points that I made, as well as summarize some of the questions and comments that came from our discussion.

So, for starters, here's the cartoon that I pulled from an old copy of the New Yorker magazine, and included on my hand out. I've been collecting cartoons on the 'death theme' for a while.

I mean, if you can't laugh about death, what can you laugh about? Maybe I'll start putting up a cartoon every week, just to get in the habit of more regular and frequent posting.

One of the NICs asked if I was going to insist that everybody use the name that I initially chose for my project, "Death Club for Cuties."

I replied that I would not insist on it, and that I had chosen to call it "Death Club for Cuties" simply as an initial code name.

I expect that, if we go forward with this project, it'll end up being called something bland and inoffensively descriptive, like the "Neurosciences Intensive Care Unit End of Life Care Team."
That'd be fine with me, just as long as we get things moving.

But in my own mind, it'll always be a death club. For cuties.