Friday, January 29, 2010

Spot the subtle change and win a prize

You might have to look hard, but it's right here in the blog.

What's the prize?

I will honor the winner(s) in March when I make my monthly donation to Partners in Health. There's a spot in the online form to designate one or more names when the donation is in honor of somebody.

That somebody could be you! ;^)

Hanx to Christian at Pallimed for the whole contest/prize idea...


  1. This is like where's waldo! I'm guessing the about me section is different considering the addition of 'most recently was'

  2. We have a winner!

    Congratulations, Eric. My March donation to Partners in Health is going to have your name listed as 'in honor of.'

    February's already been claimed.

  3. Good Job Eric! I thought I would be first. Love the contest idea. Bummed about the content!

  4. I actually won something blogging! Well that's a first.

  5. C'mon, Eric. There's gold in blogging. GOOOLD, I tell ya.