Thursday, September 3, 2009

What it really looks like

Registered Nurse N. Von Reiter comforts Ramond Garcia as his health quickly declines at the Hospice of Saint John. Garcia had been admitted to the hospice after suffering a stroke.

from Caring for the Terminally Ill, a photo essay by John Moore.

I learned about this photo essay through Michael Shaw, one of my favorite bloggers, at BagNewsNotes, one of my favorite blogs. Shaw writes:

As a sensitive reply to the callous, two-dimensional and endless right-wing references to "pulling the plug," Moore's images capture the enormous cost -- in painstaking effort, intense emotions, agonizing choices, and yes, financial burden surrounding the terminally ill. Most significantly, he frames the end of life as a process and a life stage -- in contrast to its absurd framing as either a pre-paid ticket or somehow a determinative act.

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